Meet Erika Austin

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in SEO, Analytics and Advertising. I primarily work with marketers and agencies to improve, prove or scale their marketing efforts to their maximum potential with data-driven insights and emerging technologies.

I started teaching as an adjunct professor in Advanced Digital Marketing at Champlain College this year and previously taught an Intro to SEO course at Community College of Vermont.

I have 15 years of experience developing data-driven digital marketing strategies and working internationally with large and small teams.

My core values always start with a connection. What that means to me is: connecting with people who share my values, connecting people with opportunities to build their marketing dream team, connecting insights to provide better value to your customers or clients, and/or connecting technologies to streamline or showcase your marketing efforts. I am driven by these values and enjoy the discovery process of finding new opportunities.

Ready to speak “geek” with me? Reach out to connect or read what others have to say below:

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Reviews from clients and colleagues

"Dedicated to her craft"


She is extremely dedicated to her craft and has a great understanding of general marketing principles, and especially all things related to digital and inbound marketing. She has a very data driven and analytical approach to marketing, which is vital to making informed and ultimately successful decisions in the digital world. On top of the plethora of knowledge and skills Erika brings to the table she also brings an abundance of smiles, laughter, and an extremely genuine and generous personality.


— Riley Houser, Marketing Analytics & Data

Erika Austin is a digital marketing guru. She was the person that got me passionate about digital marketing. Her expertise in Google tools, such as Google Ads, Google Search Console and Google Tagmanager, made her a true asset. Erika Austin is a person that you will love working with.

Andrew Overheid

Marketing Specialist

Erika is extremely technically adept with marketing platforms, and will quickly deliver results for organizations who need execution on marketing initiatives in the areas of SEO/SEM optimization, online advertising and e-commerce. She is naturally curious, motivated and highly collaborative. Erika is an excellent digital marketer and all around wonderful person!

Heather Adams

Human Resources Director

Erika is the full package marketing professional, able to keep up with the ever-evolving trends & tools while keeping the core marketing program on track and coaching others along the way. I commend her ability to dive into the tedious details while considering and guiding, the strategic direction of the organization.

Jeremy Hudson

Start Up Entrepreneur

Erika is one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. Her passion is not only for digital marketing but also for helping people around her. She is always thinking about how to we can do better in search, in business, and as a company. She is always open to new ideas and never shies away from a challenge.

Johnny Chen

Solutions Architect

I’ve worked with Erika for nearly a decade and have always admired her passion, energy, and drive to discover new ways to reach customers and innovate. A great team player and digital marketing guru, she loves to learn and teach and that shows in everything she does.

JP Ishaq

Product Development Manager

Erika Austin is one of those outstanding people who’s genuine enthusiasm for data and indefatigable team spirit make her an invaluable addition to any team. Her deep knowledge of SEO marketing and optimization, online advertising, and e-commerce is supported by her incredible attention to detail, intuition, and experimental growth mindset. Simply put; Erika gets shit done.

Christopher Browning

Growth Content Manager

Erika thinks about things that are commonly overlooked to discover deeper insights regarding capturing and leveraging data and bringing awareness to discrete issues. She uses data to inform and analyze marketing campaigns, and her passion for data driven solutions makes working with her such a fun and valuable learning experience.

Michelle Roth

User Experience Designer

I worked closely with Erika in my sales role with OnLogic. Erika was phenomenal to work with and possesses a great deal of expertise in digital marketing. The tools and strategies she implemented provided our sales team with a consistent supply of well qualified inbound leads. A joy to work with and a tremendous asset to any organization.

Peter Pikulski

Technical Sales

Erika is a true expert in the field of digital marketing. When I joined OnLogic, Erika gave me a crash course on digital marketing and she provided me with insights I needed to understand the business. She helped me taking my own job to the next level too. Erika’s passion for digital marketing is contagious and I witnessed her inspiring other colleagues as well. She was eager to learn new things, she kept her skills current, she brought the desired results and made OnLogic better. While she worked from our US office, Erika’s impact on the success of the business was felt on a global scale at all offices. I have gotten to know Erika as a helpful, energetic, knowledgeable and dedicated colleague. She is a great asset. I recommend her to any company that wants to increase its bottom line and have a professional and fun addition to its team!

Dewi Kuipers

HR Professional

Erika is a fantastic individual and a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of marketing and technical skills continuously impress me, she’s an expert. She is always able to provide or find the right solution and improve anything that needs improvement. Erika simply knows the whole digital marketing mix, is data-driven and puts in the work needed to drive action and results. Erika makes a great addition to any marketing team.

Laurens Elderman

User Acquisition Manager

Erika’s passion for her work was apparent in everything she did. She was always willing to lend a hand and tackled any new project with enthusiasm. I relied on her expertise often, as she was very experienced and knowledgeable in her role. 

Tosha Hawley

Associate Product Manager

Erika is consistently professional, while still being a joy to work with. She has always been open to collaboration, thinks through problems thoroughly, and is knowledgeable in digital marketing and SEO practices. I could not recommend Erika highly enough!

Simon Anguish

Software Developer

It was a pleasure to work with Erika. Although we were on different teams, I always appreciated the energy and enthusiasm that she brought to our cross-functional projects. She is quick to identify new trends and ideas, and really knows her stuff when it comes to digital marketing. What really sets Erika apart is her genuine and open character. She is always willing to hear others out, and take time from her day to listen to a new idea or suggestion.

Joshua Franklin

Account Coordinator

I worked with Erika for about a year in a marketing team, and beyond being a kind and genuine person she’s effective at her work — always looking at new trends and tools to take advantage of, and she’d often go out of her way to communicate such opportunities to the team in a way we could understand and act on. Erika likes to get to the bottom of things in search for solutions and is super pragmatic in her approach, whilst leaving space for thinking big and connecting her day to day with the greater company purpose.

James Oakley

Start Up Entrepreneur