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Performance Marketing

When an agency has a strong Digital Marketing consultant who functions as a part of the team they can focus on what they do well and have happier clients. When SEO issues arise there’s someone to call who knows where to look and can not only explain the problem, they can help your team implement an effective solution quickly. 

Building beautiful websites and creative digital marketing solutions become fun again because any SEO issues that arise will be dealt with before they become a problem. Clients will be happier and will refer other businesses to you. 

Reporting becomes less labor-intensive with custom reporting dashboards in place, and the results of all your valuable work become clear to the client. The metrics that matter are easy to see and help paint a picture of how much value you bring to your client’s digital marketing strategy. 

Cookie-cutter SEO solutions aren’t practical for an agency with many different client types. Each client has different needs and with an experienced SEO consultant on standby, there’s always a custom solution available for each client. 

Partner with a Dedicated SEO Expert to Elevate Your Client Results and Grow Your Agency

Digital Marketing Strategy

An effective strategy starts with the end goal in mind. From there, all the parts and pieces of SEO, from title tags to meta descriptions, to keywords and core web vitals can be prioritized and managed effectively. Executing a strategy that grows website traffic and beats the competition in the SERPs is easy when you connect the dots between action and results. 

I collaborate with digital marketing and creative agencies who need to find strategic and consistent ways to build website traffic for clients. We connect the strategy to the data to help you make smart, scalable decisions that improve brand visibility and lead to high-quality conversions. 

When we understand and can prove the positive impact of our marketing efforts we end up with happy clients who keep coming back for more. 

Investigative Insights

Is your Google Analytics showing a sudden drop in website traffic? Or does a steady decline in visitors have you worried about how much worse things might get? 

If you’ve seen traffic drop off suddenly or are watching the trend line slowly continue its steady decline, that usually means there’s a problem lurking beneath the surface.

But how do you fix it?

Before you boost traffic back up to where it belongs we’ve got to get to the root of the problem. 

Investigative SEO digs into the heart of your data to find out where your SEO is missing the mark. Once we find the issues we can fix them and get you back on the road to organic traffic and website growth. 

Data Storytelling

You’d be surprised how a bunch of numbers can tell a compelling story if you know where to look. I take the data and crunch it into a digestible story you can tell your clients to help them understand the impact of your work. 

And not everyone needs to hear the same story. Together we will discover which parts of the story each key stakeholder needs to understand. Then I’ll help you craft the compelling visual aesthetics using data and dashboards so you can prove ROI and make a compelling argument for future strategic moves. 


Digital Marketing Coaching

Helping your team succeed is what I do. Whether that’s by providing insights into your analytics or helping someone else on your team understand  them. When you need to uplevel your marketing pros and turn them into SEO stars, look no further. 

I love helping up and coming SEO technicians understand how to effectively employ search tactics and can help you build a stout in-house SEO team that will give you a competitive edge. 

Coaching and training can take place in-person or virtually, and the curriculum is custom, so you’ll always get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. 

Before long you’ll have your very own SEO strategists who can drive website traffic with the best of them.

Erika was the strategic link that our agency was missing when it came to SEO and analytics. She is extraordinarily adept at translating our clients’ website goals into easy-to-understand and track data. With her guidance, our clients finally have the tools they need to understand and grow their sites.
Erika Stenrick

Creative Director & Founder, Us Creative Works

Partnering with Erika has transformed our approach to digital marketing, particularly in how we integrate SEO and analytics into our strategies. Erika’s deep expertise in Google SEO, Analytics, and Ads has enhanced our offerings and significantly boosted our clients’ results. Thanks to our partnership with Erika, our project scopes have expanded and we can act as a team for a more holistic approach with data-driven decision-making. Erika is more than a consultant; she is a pivotal part of our team, driving us towards greater successes.

Kate E. Austin

CEO/Founder/Owner, Advokate, LLC

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