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Why Choose Erika?

She has boundless energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to meet whatever challenges arise. From managing paid marketing campaigns, to setting goal values in Google Analytics, to fine-tuning events in Google Tag Manager, Erika is astute, professional and genial.

— Julie Berlin, Lead Web Developer 


I am ready to learn about your goals, analyze data, optimize your marketing efforts and achieve results!

Erika was the strategic link that our agency was missing when it came to SEO and analytics. She is extraordinarily adept at translating our clients’ website goals into easy-to-understand and track data. With her guidance, our clients finally have the tools they need to understand and grow their sites.
Erika Stenrick

Creative Director & Founder, Us Creative Works

I’ve been a digital marketer for nearly 20 years now, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can’t know everything! I needed a specialist to review my connections between GTM, Ads and Analytics, to ensure I was measuring conversions correctly for my client. I knew I was half way there, but didn’t have the skills to see what was missing. Erika was fast in diagnosing issues, generous with extra knowledge and tips that would be useful to me, including being mindful of GDPR regulations as I’m in the UK. We solved all my challenges and clarified my next steps all in one super-constructive hour, I think she probably saved me at least 2 days of research and trial and error. Thanks so much Erika, I’ll be back!

Sara Cubitt

Digital Marketing & Communications,

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