As I’ve been introduced to new clients and prospects on Digital Marketing, I was struggling on how to share what it is I do, considering it does range across a few different areas of marketing. I was calling myself a “broad specialist”, which inherently sounded like a contradiction. My accountability partner, Laurens, shared an article with me called the T-shaped marketer that inspired me to create my own, to show my strengths and depth of knowledge in certain areas of expertise as seen below:

Erika Austin - T-shaped digital marketing

I usually sit at the intersection of creative, development and business development in teams. Where I am able to work best with skilled professionals in other areas as a part of a team. That’s why I’ve been shifting my focus to working with agencies as a subcontractor that complements my skills.

When paired with the right partner, such as my sister’s agency Advokate, my offering becomes much more inclusive!


I also work with partners who work with local makers and creators to offer not only digital services but local marketing in the Chittenden County area with Local Maverick! Now my marketing matrix feels complete with the right partners!

My JAM - LM & Advokate

Have a project or ready to start investing in Digital Marketing? Contact me and I’d be happy to assemble the right team to meet your project needs!